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Walking in Vattenriket - Linnérundan Trail

This trail is dedicated to the Swedish natural scientist Carl Linnaeus (known as Carl von Linné in Sweden) who explored the wetlands around Kristianstad some 250 years ago. Even today you can still experience aspects of the same landscape that Linnaeus described.

Start from the naturum Vattenriket visitor centre, the focal point of the biosphere reserve with exhibitions, guided tours, special activities and a café. The nearby Kanalhuset was Kristianstads Vattenrike’s first outdoor museum. In winter you might glimpse king fishers darting by. In summer you can look out over the goshawks’ hunting territory. From here the path takes you via raised wooden boardwalks through dense thickets of willow and then out onto the seasonally flooded grasslands at Isternäset, with a panoramic view from the Isternäset observation tower. The ruins at Lillö are the remains of a medieval castle. You can borrow a key from the naturum visitor centre. Close by are the farm buildings of Lillö Kungsgård, a favourite nesting place for storks until the 1940s.

A little further along the trail you pass the mound that conceals the remains of the Härlövsborg. In the Middle Ages this was a wooden stronghold and later, in the 1600s, a fortress. On your way to the nearby observation tower with wonderful views over Isternäset, you pass a number of waterlogged clay pits. Less spotted woodpecker nest here in the damp broadleaf woods around the ponds.

LillöStaden Strandängar

linnerundanThis is a 6-kilometre round walk. Print the map or pick one at naturum Vattenriket Visitor´s centre

In englishlänk Walking in Vattenriket Linnérundan Trail, Näsby fält and Ekenabben (pdf 2 MB)

Water levels and walking
Access along the Linnérundan Trail is limited when the water level in the river at Kristianstad is more than 1 metre above sea level. Details of the current water level are posted at the Kanalhuset outdoor museum and on the Kristianstads Vattenrike here at the homepage www.vattenriket.
The footpath under the railway line is only accessible when
the water level in the river is less than 0.5 m above sea level.