Examensarbeten i Vattenriket

Inventering av större vattensalamander i Kristianstads närhet

Författare; Daniel Malmkvist
Examensarbete i biologi 10 poäng. Examensarbete i biologi 10 poäng. Biologi- och geovetenskapsprogrammet, Högskolan Kristianstad 2005
Handledare: Johan Elmberg, Högskolan Kristianstad

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The great crested newt is declining in all of Europe. In Sweden little is known about how common the species is within its range. it is of great interest to increase the knowledge about where the Great crested newt occurs and to learn more about its habitat preferences. The mail purpose of this study was to investigate 15 ponds in Kristianstad, and to determine if the Great crested newt occurrs in the,. Secondary, the ponds and the area around them was described to determine any defference between those oinds that had Great crested newt and those who didn´t.

The inventory resulted in 39 adult females and 75 adult males in 8 ponds, with 80% of the animals in 2 of the pinds. The difference in body length between the sexes were significant, the mean body length for the adult females and adult males were 133,1 mm and 120,4 mm. In the onds with Great crested newt, the smooth newt also occurred. The ponds with Great crested newt tened to have more grazing land around them than those ponds that lacked the species. The pinds without Great crested newt had more cultivated fields instead of grazing land. Some of the ponds had crayfish and fish but this was not true for any of the pons that had Great crested newt.

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