Examensarbeten i Vattenriket

Vuxna stickmyggor (Diptera: Culicidae) i Kristianstad Vattenrike och Nedre Dalälven 2006
- En jämförande studie

Författare; Arne Halling
30 hp-uppsats
Examinator/Johan Elmberg
Handledare/Lars Jonsson

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This study is based on two comprehensive studies on mosquitoes performed in the
wetlands of the Kristianstad Vattenrike and Nedre Dalälven with CDC-mosquito-lighttraps baited with CO2 during the period June – Sept in 2006 including 42 trap-nights for each of the two areas.
In total 12,352 mosquitoes were sampled representing 21 species; from Nedre Dalälven 76.2% of the mosquitoes (224,1 per trap-nights) including 17 species, and from Kristianstad Vattenrike 23.8% of the mosquitoes (69,9 per trap-nights) including 15 species.
Considering the amount of mosquitoes during the period, Kristianstad Vattenrike showed a U-shaped pattern with a moderate occurence, while Nedre Dalälven after an initial period with massive occurence of mosquitoes declined very steeply to a low, steady level.
Functional group 2a and 2b (a classification based on life-history characteristics; Schäfer et al. 2004a), including nuisance mosquitoes, encompassed about 80% in Kristianstad
Vattenrike and 90% Nedre Dalälven of all mosquitoes catched in the two areas.
While some mosquitoes were more abundant in Nedre Dalälven, e.g. Ochlerotatus sticticus and Ochlerotatus dianteus, the opposite was true for Ochlerotatus cantans and Aedes communis, which were more abundant in Kristianstad Vattenrike.