Examensarbeten i Vattenriket

Stickmyggslarver (Diptera: Culicidae) i Kristianstad Vattenrike 2007
- En pilotstudie

Författare; Arne Halling
30 hp-uppsats
Examinator/Johan Elmberg
Handledare/Lars Jonsson

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Almost everyone has been bitten by a mosquito in their life and maybe feel uneasy when just hearing a mosquito buzzing. In Sweden from being just a nuisance problem, it has become more and more obvious to the public that there is a potential risk for mosquitoes as vector of arbovirus and infection diseases. Therefore more concern has been focused on issues related to mosquitoes.
After studying adult mosquitoes in Kristianstad Vattenrike during the summer in 2006, I asked myself if sampling mosquito larvae in the same locations as the ones used catching adult mosquitoes; Will I find the same species by both methods?
The investigation was performed between March and August 2007 by means of a mosquito dipper. Five locations including 35 ephemeral, semipermanent and permanent bodies of water were studied.
Seventeen mosquito larvae species were caught, four of which had not been found as adults previous year (Anopheles maculipennis (Meigen 1830), Aedes flavescens (Müller 1764),
Ochlerotatus detritus (Haliday 1833) and Culex pipiens/molestus (Martini 1925). Out of the 15 adult mosquitoes catched in 2006, 13 species were found as larvae in 2007, but Aedes cinereus (Meigen 1818) and Coquillettidia richardii (Ficalbi 1889) were not. There were substantial differences in diversity and abundance between different locations and sites.